New to Pickleball and wanting to learn the basics? Want to improve your skills or level up your play?

Our accredited and experienced Pickleball coaches are here to help you fast-track your progress!

Sunday Coaching
Venue: Oran Park High School, 1 Podium Way, Oran Park NSW 2570
Time slots:
9.15 - 10am
10 - 11am
11.15 - 12pm
12 - 1pm
Please contact Adam to book in a time slot:
0466 869 892
'Recently, I had the privilege of participating in a personalised Pickleball coaching session with Adam Goldsmith.  Our focus was on a specific area of my game that required improvement.  Adam's expertise allowed him to pinpoint areas where I was falling short, particularly in achieving the necessary ball placement, direction, and flight which is a key determinant for success in the game. 
I highly recommend a coaching session with Adam, regardless of the aspect of the game you may need to improve or your current skill level.  His guidance is instrumental in refining my game, providing valuable insights into strategy, technique, and court positioning.
Overall, the benefits extend beyond the court, contributing to personal growth, resilience, and strategic thinking.  Coaching with an accredited specialist like Adam not only improves your gameplay but also contributes significantly to broader character development, creating a positive impact on both yourself and your overall approach to the game.'
- Josephine