Where to Play

Wednesday - Mt Annan High 

Intermediate - Advanced Play 
3 courts available (MAX 20 players)
Venue: Mount Annan High School, 248 welling Drive, Mount Annan NSW 2567
Time: Wednesday, 6:30pm to 9:30pm (3 hours)
Fee: $20

Wednesday & Friday - Mt Annan Leisure Centre

Beginner - Intermediate and Social Play
3 courts available (MAX 18 players)
Venue: Mount Annan YMCA, 368 Welling Dr, Mount Annan NSW 2567
Time: Wednesday and Friday, 10am to 12pm (2 hours)
Fee: $15
No need to check in at the counter, walk in to the stadium and meet with Wayne for new players or sign in with MeetUp for existing

Sunday - Oran Park High 

5 courts available (MAX 28 players per session)
Venue: Oran Park High School, 1 Podium Way, Oran Park NSW 2570
Beginner - Intermediate and Social Play
Session 1: Sunday, 9am to 11am (2 hours) - $15
Beginner - Advanced and Social Play
Session 2: Sunday, 11am to 1pm (2 hours) - $15
or play both for $25 (4 hours)
Due to limited court availability, players must RSVP for play through Meetup to secure their spot 

Book your spot through Meetup here